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Fandom(s) Smallville

Title: The Lazarus Gap

Author: Dolimir
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex
Rating: R
Summary: In another one of Lionel’s schemes, Lex is almost killed and loses his memories. In attempt to grasp this chance at a life on his own terms, he slips away into anonymity and tries to become what he never dared to dream to accomplish – simply himself.
Warnings: attempted murder, amnesia, slash
Style: Novel
Rec Expl.: This makes you think about scruples and morals. This makes you think what could happen if you are just given that second chance – that clean slate. Lex does, and while he gains things he could have never dreamed off, he loses so much as well. Lex has a dream, and that dream makes you cry, smile and hope. Be ready to have your heart shattered. Be ready to have it put back together. Be ready, because this story demands your attention and all of your emotional reflexes. Be ready to loose yourself and be ready to be happy about it.

A warm hand gently caressed his face and Lex awoke to find Father Mike standing over him.
"How are you doing, child?"
Lex whimpered at the compassion he heard in the priest's voice and pressed his cheek into Mike's palm.
"I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get here, but I had to arrange for Thomas' funeral. They were going to bury him in City Central, which is nothing more than Gotham's version of the Pauper's Field. We couldn't have that now, could we?"
Lex shook his head and started to pull away, but Mike clasped his face with both hands. "It wasn't your fault, child. I know it, and more importantly, God knows it."
Lex blinked rapidly, trying to hold back the tears.
"The nurses told me that your father has already been here. I'm sure that wasn't pleasant. They also said they've caught three or four reporters skulking around the floor and that one actually got in here. No doubt, someone from the Inquirer. I swear their reporters have absolutely no scruples at all. Kristine, did you know I did her baptism although I had no idea she was a nurse now, said she thought she saw the Bat leaving last night. That isn't going to make Jerome - I mean Clark - happy. All in all, child, it sounds like you've had a fairly rough couple of days."
Lex allowed himself a small nod, since he was unable to turn his gaze away from the kindly blue eyes searching his face.
"I know you don't want the spotlight, child. You never have. I know you're standing at a crossroad, trying to decide where to go, feeling like the entire world has abandoned you. But it hasn't, Lex, it hasn't. And yes, we've known who you were all along. But we supported your decision for a fresh start. Please forgive us that little deception."
Lex sniffed, but nodded.
"Do you know what you're going to do, child?"
Lex shook his head, even as he brought his hands up and rested them on top of the priest's, trying to soak up the comfort he found in the tender touch.
"You've had a lot of people talking at you, I'll wager."
Lex nodded again.
"I'm even willing to wager Mrs. Dannison's next batch of chocolate chip cookies that you'd give your eyeteeth for a little time to think things through in peace, without having to deal with people and their agendas. Am I right?"
Lex looked at the priest warily, unsure where his line of questioning was headed.
"Say the word, child, and I'll grant that wish."
Lex shook his head, knowing that he would only bring destruction to the kind-hearted priest. No, it was better to keep him at arm's length. He tried to pull his head back, but Father Mike tightened his grip on Lex's face and refused to let go.
"I've just about had enough of your nobility, Joseph. This isn't about protecting me or St. Agnes. This is about your soul. Claim it, child. Hold on to it. You've done good work. You know you have. Let the idiots talk about power plays. We know the truth. Do you want to be saved, child? Do you?"
Lex squeezed his eyes shut, even as he gasped the word, "Yes."
"Then say the word, child. Say it!" the priest demanded.
"Sanctuary!" Lex cried out, although there was no volume to his plea.
"Thy will be done." Soft lips pressed gently against his forehead. "Go to sleep and trust me. It'll be better in the morning."

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