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Fandom(s) Harry Potter

Title: By Proxy

Author: Switchknife
Pairing(s): Severus/Neville, Neville/Draco (!)
Rating: Definitely NC-17 *waves herself*
Summary: Another day in Potions for one Neville Longbottom.
Warnings: slash, sort of non-con. A completely offhand approach to public sex. And dirty talk. And coitus interruptus. And felching. Decidedly NOT public reading material!!!
Style: chapter length
Rec Expl.: gods, this one gets me up and running every single time. I don’t think I’ve ever quite been so addicted to a ficlit like I’ve been to this one. You’ll blush, stammer and reread it as often as you can. And though you might try to deny it, you’ll be begging for more with the rest of us lowly mortals.

'Fucking fuck.' Malfoy's hips began snapping in earnest, his voice becoming rougher by the second. 'You beg like one of Father's hundred-galleon whores.'
Neville started letting out sobs as Malfoy's hands nearly slipped on his sweat-slick hips, saying please and oh and yes fuck yes as if his mouth were charmed to speak on its own. The desk kept creaking, adding to the chorus of Neville's moans and Malfoy's harsh curses--and then one of Malfoy's hands slid forward, grasping Neville's cock tightly, and Malfoy had barely yanked up once, before yanking down, that Neville screamed and came in hot, sudden bursts all over Malfoy's knuckles. His balls drew up and he heard his come slap the underside of Snape's desk before dripping back onto his cock, onto the floor.
He melted--there was no other word for it--onto Snape's desk, feeling his heavy robes clinging to his chest with sweat, the backs of his knees damp as Malfoy's own robes brushed against them.
'Ho... holy...' Malfoy bucked once, twice, before he spilled into Neville as well--and it felt distinctly different to Neville than Snape's come inside him, probably because Malfoy was rammed in so deep that Neville thought he could taste salt in the back of his throat.
Neville moaned at the sensation of hot come filling him, letting his head loll on the desk; through his glazed vision he could see Ron and Hermione bottling their potions, cleaning their cauldrons, as if their best friend hadn't just come right in front of them. While being fucked over Professor Snape's desk.

Tags: hp
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