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The Angelic Vampire's Personal Fav Fandom recs
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This will be a Recommendation Archive.


This archive is being created because I want a place where I vampiric_mcd can put and share the stories I have loved the most while reading fanfiction. It also helps that I can finally get rid of all the links and bookmarks for these stories once they’ve been put here, so that I can just come back whenever I want a link to one of them.

This is going to be a personal archive. I am going to rec the pieces of work that I truly love.

I’m putting this out there so you might give the stories I’ve loved a try. I think the best way to find a good read is to search rec pages.

I am open to any recs that you might want to send my way. I’m not saying that they will (all) end up here, just that I will appreciate them.

Also, I totally admit that the format I use to give all the info on my rec is based on the ones used by crackvan and crackbroom, which are excellent rec comms.
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