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Fandom(s): Smallville

Title: The Proposition

Author: Emelerin
Pairing(s): Clark/Lex
Rating: R
Summary: Clark fears normalcy. Normal is the one thing he’ll never be. He’s managed so far with Lex as his best friend, someone who is just as weird as he is. However, what will happen when Lex seems to be slowly slipping away, leaving Clark behind?
Warnings: slash
Style: short
Rec Expl.: This fic isn’t very long but it has all the characteristics to be a classic. In fact, in my eyes, it is a classic. If you haven’t read this story, you’ve been missing out on some wonderful angst, wonderfully portrayed Clark/Lex. Their inherent conflict is brought to light once and for all; in fear of losing each other, they actually push the other away.

Clark turned slowly to survey the apartment he was about to leave. This was Lex's life now, decorated in tasteful ecru tones with notes of gray (whatever the hell that meant). He could still have a place in it, true. Lex wanted them to be friends still, and that was good. Great. He'd just have to let Lex be who he wanted to be, that's all. With his beautiful apartment and his polite social circle and his wildly successful and utterly legitimate corporation... Clark trained his eyes through the door to see that everyone had gone home. Well, of course they had. At a reasonable hour. He started to look around for his coat and half-focused his hearing on Lex, just for the comfort of his voice.
And froze.
"Listen to me very, very carefully, Mr. Martin. I am telling you, very politely, that I want those shares moved now. Tonight. I don't care what goddamn time it is in Tokyo, *it's company-razing time in Metropolis. Get it done. If Blake Industries isn't completely fucking decimated by noon tomorrow, not only will your brother not be running for mayor, he won't be running anywhere else either. Ever. Do we understand each other?"
Clark didn't listen for the answer. He was pretty sure what it would be. If Lex ever spoke to him like that, he'd do whatever the hell he was told.
Oh god, that was hot.
Lex was staring at him, shocked and completely thrown. Because Clark had somehow walked into his office - his kinda creepy office, now that Clark looked around - and had grasped his shoulders more tightly than was entirely normal.
Fuck normal.

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